Saturday 26 May 2012

Short Story Saturday: Resurrection Engines

So this week I finished my short story for the soon-to-be-published short story collection Resurrection Engines, and sent it off to the anthology's editor Scott Harrison.

What makes Resurrection Engines different from other short story collections is the fact that each story within is a steampunk 're-telling' of a classic tale.

I say 're-telling' with parentheses in place because you can be sure they're not going to be simple re-tellings of the stories with just a few cogs and top hats added. Oh no.

You can find out more about the tales being told in the book here, including which classic tale I'm taking on.


ediFanoB said...

That must be a very special book.
It is listed at with a price of 53,99 EURO which is more than 43 GBP!!

To be honest that is nearly my book budget for three months.

Jonathan Green said...

I believe it is a high-end hardback edition. ;-)