Tuesday 13 November 2012

Pax Britannia Week: Time's Arrow released today!

The long-awaited print edition of the eighth instalment in the ongoing adventures of Ulysses Quicksilver is released today!

In case you've been away in the colonies for the last year or so, you can get up to speed with what is so special about Time's Arrow here.

Paris. City of lights. City of lovers. City of dreams. Yet if one man gets his way, its inhabitants will soon be forced to endure a nightmare such as they have never known.

Hero of the British Empire Ulysses Quicksilver is determined to stand in his way... even as he returns from the past to appear on the scene of a horrific murder!

Before he can hope to rescue the French capital from its fate, Ulysses must go on the run and track down the real killer. His intention: to clear his good name, and get back to England in one piece. And quickly, for the love of his life is about to take a most ill-advised trip to the Moon.

Can Quicksilver stop the terrorist known only as ‘Le Papillon’?

You can purchase Ulysses Quicksilver's eighth rip-roaring adventure here.

And once you've read it, do drop me a line to let me know what you thought of it, or post a review on Amazon.


Jonathan Green said...


Abaddon Books are giving away 5 copies of TIME'S ARROW!

Keep an eye on their Twitter feed @AbaddonBooks for more details.

Jonathan Green said...

Two 5-star reviews already up on Amazong too!

Jonathan Green said...



(Must remember to use that name in a story soon.)