Saturday 24 November 2012

Short Story Saturday: Resurrection Engines

There's only one week to go now until the release of Resurrection Engines and the book is available for pre-order on Amazon here.

And here's the full table of contents...

The Soul-Eaters of Raveloe by Alison Littlewood

A Journey To The Centre Of The Moon by Alan K. Baker

She-Who-Thinks-For-Herself by Juliet E. McKenna

The Great Steam Time Machine by Brian Herbert and Bruce Taylor

Silver Selene by Philip Palmer

White Fangoria by Roland Moore

The God Of All Machines by Scott Harrison

The Crime Of The Ancient Mariner by Adam Roberts

There Leviathan by Jonathan Green

The Island Of Peter Pandora by Kim Lakin-Smith

The Ghost Of Christmas Sideways by Simon Bucher-Jones

Talented Witches by Paul Magrs

Fairest Of Them All by Cavan Scott

Tidewrack Medusa by Rachel E. Pollock

Robin Hood And The Eater Of Worlds by Jim Mortimore

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