Tuesday 27 November 2012

Tie-in Tuesday: Moshi Monsters - The Night Before Twistmas

My Moshi Monsters book The Night Before Twistmas has been getting some love on Amazon* (and elsewhere) of late**. Here's what people have been saying about it:

"Funny and well written..."

"A funny spin on a classic..."

"I would say any Moshi fan will love and enjoy reading it."

"All monsters getting ready for Twistmas read it!"

If you've not done your Christmas shopping yet, remember to add The Night Before Twistmas to your Christmas list.

* The highest ranking I've seen for the book thus far is '207 in Books' and '#66 in Children's Books' which I think is quite high.

** In some cases from parents who have clearing already started, or maybe even completed, their Christmas shopping!

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