Thursday 1 November 2012

Steampunk Thursday: Pax Britannia

That's quite a lot of books, isn't it?

Pax Britannia, it would appear, has a continually growing fan base. If you want proof, check out these  reviews recently posted on Amazon.

Unnatural History
The first novel in a truly great series. I love to re-read them all. Action packed, witty, a must read for fans of steampunk. The world building just gets better and better throughout the series. Ulysses Quicksilver, dandy adventurer and hero of Magna Britannia, is a protagonist you can really root for.

Leviathan Rising
Look, this is pure steampunk through and through. If you want literature, you read literature. If you want rollicking good fun and excitement, you read the Pax Britannia series. Ulysses is at it again. I love a good steampunk adventure and can't wait to get stuck into the next one in the series.
I've re-read them all.

Human Nature
Full of action and excitement. A real page turner. Jonathan Green's Pax Britannia series never let's down this steampunk fanatic. Ulysess Quicksilver is quickly becoming my favourite steampunk character of all time.

Evolution Expects
Fast paced excitement from cover to cover. I love the world of Pax Britannia. Steampunk at its grungiest and yet I still wish I lived in Magna Britannia.

Blood Royal
Such a great addition to the Pax Britannia series, which is one of my top three steampunk series. Pax Britannia, Newbury & Hobbes, and Burton & Swinburne are among the finest steampunk series out there. Each is unique and equally compelling. Pax Britannia feels more comfortable of the three, flowing from book to book like a true and accurate account of the goings on of one Ulysses Quicksilver, from Magna Britannia.

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