Thursday 22 November 2012

Steampunk Thursday: New Pax Britannia Reviews

One of the things I love about being a writer, is that there is always somebody discovering something you've written for the first time, even if you originally wrote that particular book years ago.

Lately, there have been more new reviews of my Pax Britannia books going up online. Here are just some of the pleasing things people have been saying about the stories.

Blood Royal
I just love steampunk as long as it's done reasonably well, and this is. I've now read all of the series out in paperback and am eagerly awaiting the next one.They're all good although... Hell man, don't just sit there, go out and buy the damned things will you? For the good of the Empire!

Anno Frankenstein
I've now read all of the Pax Britannia series,including this stomach churning special, and I'm starting to turn into a bit of a steampunk fan-boy. I won't attempt to describe the plot, as it's as complicated as only a time-traveller's tale can be. Suffice it to say there's the usual mixture of SF, fantasy, and horror, and if you liked the other Quicksilver novels, you'll like this. Roll on the next one!*

The Ulysses Quicksilver Short Story Collection
This was my first taste of steampunk, and I've read Jonathan Green's Black Library books. This was a great introduction to the world of Pax Britannia. The last story is by far the best of the lot, well written and full of intrigue. Worth a read as it is just a fun read for all.

If these reviews have picqued your interest, you can check out the entire Pax Britannia series (and buy the books) here.

* And just for your information, the 'next one' in question is Time's Arrow, available now!

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