Friday 27 September 2019

Gamebook Friday: Dracula - Curse of the Vampire

I've been sitting on this news for a while, but having already informed subscriber's to my Newsletter, and members of the ACE Gamebooks Facebook group, earlier this week, it's now time to tell the rest of the world.

The sixth title in the ACE Gamebooks series will be Dracula - Curse of the Vampire, and will be published by Snowbooks in the autumn of 2020, following a (hopefully) successful crowdfunding campaign, which will happen early next year.

And I am delighted to announce that Martin McKenna will be illustrating the book. This will be the first time we have collaborated on a gamebook in ten years, and anyone who knows Martin's art from such classic genre titles as Vault of the Vampire, Dead of Night, Howl of the Werewolf, and Night of the Necromancer, will know that we are in for a treat!

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And yes, you will be able to play the adventure as Count Dracula himself.

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