Friday 11 November 2011

Back to the beginning (kinda)

Available now from the Black Library is the eBook edition of my first ever novel, The Dead and the Damned.

First published in December 2002 (almost nine years ago!) it tells the tale of Kislevite mercenary Torben Badenov and his band of hard-bitten swords-for-hire.

The Warhammer universe explodes with adventure and sudden violence as Badenov's Band, rogues and brigands all, take on all comers as they roam the Old World. Led by their raven-haired commander Torben Badenov, whose lust for glory is only surpassed by his ferocity in battle, the motley gang roams the wretched towns and haunted forests fighting until every last unholy creature they encounter joins the dead or the damned.

In the (almost) decade since TDATD saw print I've written another twelve novels and am currently at work on my fourteenth. TDATD itself has been out of print for a number of years so if you've been wondering what my early forays into Warhammer fantasy fiction were like you should check it out here.

A word of warning, however. If you go into it expecting to read a short story collection rather than a novel, you'll probably enjoy the experience more... but it's still got one of the most awesome Clint Langley covers you'll ever see!

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