Friday 11 November 2011

Review of the Spider God

Temple of the Spider God has been out for two weeks now and the glowing reviews continue to roll in. In case you own an iPad, iPod or iPhone and you haven't bought it yet (it's only £1.99) then you might want to read these.

First up there's this from Pocket Gamer:

The latest in Tin Man Games' series of interactive text adventures is written by Fighting Fantasy author Jonathan Green – and it shows. Its well-written narrative is pacy, exciting, and weaves a compelling yarn, whichever path you take...

It’s a great modern equivalent to the books many of us loved as youngsters, with the same kind of attention to detail and thrilling fantastical touches that made these adventures so enjoyable.

So Temple of the Spider God might be more book than game, but you knew that. If a Gamebook Adventure is what you're after, you'd be hard-pressed to do better than this.

Then there's this from Dial-a-phone:

The success of written fantasy role-playing games comes down to the quality of writing, and as you’d expect from an experienced writer, it’s absolutely excellent. Green’s words paint a detailed picture, but never tip over the edge to where your imagination isn’t needed – absolutely imperative in a book like this – and the beautifully drawn pictures accompanying the text (the best yet in a Gamebook Adventure) work together to pull you into the story. The overall effect, if you’re willing to invest the time, is an engrossing gaming experience that’s both exciting and compelling.

If the chance to revisit childhood memories attracts you to the Gamebook Adventures, you won’t be disappointed, and neither will the newcomer to the genre. Temple of the Spider God is well-crafted, thrilling and intelligent, with more than enough content and alternative choices to keep you occupied for weeks, and the obvious amount of care and attention invested in its creation makes it an essential purchase for the lone adventurer.

You can find out more about Temple of the Spider God (as well as buy it) by following this link.

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