Wednesday 2 November 2011

Trials of the Spider God

Temple of the Spider God (my first digital gamebook from Tin Man Games) has been out for less than two weeks but in that short time the arachnid deity has already made its presence felt!

It's been a tough time for the guys at Tin Man Games who've had various trials and tribulations to deal with surrounding the release of this much anticipated game (which you can read about here) but the good has - in my opinion at least - far outweighed the bad. And here's why...

First off, TOTSG has already received its first glowing review (4 out of 5 stars from Digitally Downloaded) which you can read for yourself here. The part I liked, for obvious reasons, is this bit:

Now, the text of a Gamebook adventure is pretty important. You could say it’s even critical, so having Jonathan Green on board does immediately up the ante for the series. Where previous Gamebook Adventure titles were still well written, if a bit generic, the penmanship of Green makes for an adventure that is far more interesting to read though, which does mean it’s far more interesting to play through multiple times.

Secondly, Spider God has been racing up the rankings. I still find it incredible that it's been available everywhere and has been making an impact all around the globe. Here are the stats for all you stats fans out there:

  • #1 iPhone Dice Game in 5 countries including the UK
  • Made the Top #10 iPhone RPG Games chart in 8 countries including US and UK
  • Made the Top #5 iPad Dice Games chart in 31 countries including ten #1 spots
  • Made the Top #10 iPad RPG Games chart in 16 countries including US, UK, Canada and Australia
  • Got very close to breaking the Top 100 Games chart on both iPhone and iPad in the US and UK (This is amazing for a niche title!)

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Jonathan Green said...

If you've got Temple of the Spider God or are simply a fan of iPods/iPads/all things Apple, you might be interested in this, which is on later tonight: