Monday 7 November 2011

Mission: Games Workshop - Brent Cross

I dropped by the Brent Cross GW store yesterday, specifically to pick up a copy of the new Codex: Necrons. It's the first proper re-vamp the Necrontyr have received in about ten years and I wanted to make sure that the project I'm currently working on is fully up to date.

I met Dimitar Petrov there but spent most of the time drooling over the new Necrons miniatures and fabulous Warhammer scenery with my own pair of Noise Familiars. There were also a number of armies on display including Goblins (as featured in my Hammer & Bolter story Sir Dagobert's Last Battle), Skaven (as featured in my Hammer & Bolter story Sir Dagobert's Last Battle) and an Empire one that included a rather grand steam tank and a tame bear among its rank and file troops.

This last army in particular got me thinking again about another project's that on back-burner status at this present time. Maybe once Project Fisticuffs is done and dusted I could dust off that other idea, as it were, stoke up the boiler and see if it still runs.

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Jonathan Green said...

It's a good thing I went when I did! The Brent Cross store closed today (Sunday 15 January 2012). Such a shame.