Wednesday 2 November 2011

Mission: Games Workshop - Basingstoke

Another day, another Games Workshop store ticked off my list. This time the store was in question was Basingstoke and the day was actually Monday.

Having hunted high and low I eventually found the shop hiding down a dark alley (well, it was cloudy on Monday) and was welcomed by the latest issue of White Dwarf magazine, with the resplendent image of one of the new Necrons on the cover.

The new Necron Codex (and associated miniatures) are released from this Saturday and that timing really couldn't be better. That's because [REDACTED BY ORDER OF THE INQUISITION]. So, the new Codex should spur me on with that one.

Whilst in the store I chatted briefly with key-timer Ian Wesby and perused the miniatures cabinets (as is my wont). In amongst the fabulously painted figures there was a rather fine [CENSORED] which just so happens to be making an appearance in [THE ADEPTUS ARBITES HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED - STEP AWAY FROM YOUR COGITATOR CONSOLE OR RISK FURTHER CENSURE].

So until next time...

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