Sunday 11 March 2012

Exciting news from Games Workshop

Well it is if you're me.

The reason this is exciting is because I wrote about the creation of one such daemon-possessed weapon in my 2004 Warhammer novel Magestorm. In fact I believe my story may have featured the very first appearance of a Hellcannon in fiction (just as Sir Dagobert's Last Battle features the first appearance of a Arachnarok Spider in Warhammer fiction).

Secondly, on Saturday 7 April, a brand new Games Workshop Hobby Centre is opening in Chiswick. I have a feeling that I could end up dropping into this particular store every once in a while.

You can follow the new Games Workshop Chiswick here, on Facebook. Meanwhile, you can buy my Storm of Chaos-inspired Warhammer novel Magestorm here.

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