Saturday 3 March 2012

Phobophobia - Fear of Reviews

To be honest I couldn't find the technical term for an irrational fear of reviews, but all too often we writers do fear them. If a writer reads ten good reviews and one bad one, of something they've written, you can guess which is the one that will stick in their mind.

But thankfully I haven't read a bad review of Phobophobia yet (Dean M Drinkel's alphabetical anthology of anxieties, which features my story Fear to Tread, all about Wiccaphobia). So here are just a couple of choice phrases in praise of the book:

"This is a very well put together set of 27 stories, one for each letter of the alphabet and a bonus story, and each having to do with a particular phobia. It was great to read an anthology where every story was well thought out, and very good... I am looking forward to anything else that the editor of this collection, Dean M. Drinkel produces. Very highly recommended." (

"I read most of this over the Festive period and the good thing is that there are no stocking fillers, all the stories are worthy... In short there is plenty here for everybody to enjoy." (Paul Woodward)

And here's what The Ginger Nuts of Horror had to say about my story: "This was another highlight of the candles anthology for me. Imagine the essence of Hammer's House of Horror distilled into a short story. Done that, then what you'll have is this story. Reading this story you won't be able to stop yourself from picturing a young Jenny Agutter being terrified out of her mind in a old English cottage."

Remember, you can buy Phobophobia here.

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