Friday 9 March 2012

A Touch of Horror

Somebody's been saying nice things about my horror output again. This time the somebody in question is South African writer, fantasy novelist, coffee lover and avid reader Craig Smith.

Here's what he has to say about my short story Incubus, which appears in the Dark Continents anthology M is for Monster:

This story was unexpectedly hot and steamy and I have to say Jonathan did a great job of writing from the female POV, although the ladies out there might disagree. A story that explores forbidden desires that most would steer clear of.

And here's what he has to say about The Doll's House, which appears in Jonathan Oliver's House of Fear:

Having just finished reading the story it is the freshest in the my mind. The story builds up the tension quite nicely, maybe a little too dragged out, but a bit a shorter and it might have not worked as well. You could really feel the frustration of the main character as she goes through the day to day life of being a stay at home mum. It even made me feel anxious about my own washing and ironing.

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