Friday 2 March 2012

Nathan Creed lives again!

Fans of Underhive bounty hunter Nathan Creed (and I'm proud to say that BL writer Clint Werner is one of them!) will be pleased to hear that the five short stories I wrote back in the day featuring the character are now back in print, thanks to Black Library's Direct Exclusives range.

The five Creed stories (which probably equate to a good-sized novella in terms of word count), presented in chronological order, are:

  • Bad Spirits – Bounty hunter Nathan Creed tracks a monstrous creature that has decimated a ratskin camp. What could this monster be and what are its origins?

  • Mama’s Boys – Hunting the scavvy cannibal Django Kaynn, Nathan Creed finds himself beset by mutants eager to recapture the twisted killer.

  • Boyz in the Hive – Nathan Creed faces his most dangerous foe yet: a savage greenskinned ork that has escaped from an uphive zoo.

  • Firestarter – Nathan Creed tangles with a fearsome mutant with power over fire – but the mutant’s power is rapidly growing out of control…

  • Bad Medicine – The Death Walker, terror of the Underhive, is on the prowl. His target? Nathan Creed.

I always intended there to be more Nathan Creed stories, but with the demise of Inferno! magazine there wasn't an outlet for them and so no more were ever written. Nathan Creed was also supposed to be the subject of my first Black Library novel, but my idea clashed with something being developed for another Games Workshop project that I knew of as Hive Secundus, but which never saw the light of day (as far as I am aware).

When Black Library started publishing Necromunda novels I was disappointed not to be asked to contribute a title then, but I'm thrilled that the Creed stories are available again now - ten years after I wrote the last story Bad Medicine!

To order your copy of the Necromunda Omnibus 2, simply follow this link.

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xensyria said...

Could the Hive Secundus project have become Necromunda Underhive?

I'd really like that Omnibus though I guess you didn't manage to convince them to include the Nathan Creed "Urban Legend" story by any chance?