Friday 30 March 2012

So how would YOU like to write a gamebook?

Black Library opens its open submissions window on Sunday - it's like the round window on Playschool (for those in the know) only made from warpstone and surrounding by automated bolter emplacements.

Yeah - it's totally like that.

And do you know what? This year, as well as pitching short stories to the editorial team - who are no doubt girding their loins even as I type - you can pitch them a gamebook for the nascent Path to Victory line!

(It's also your last chance to pitch a novel without having to go the whole short story route first, but you'd better make sure it's your very best work!)

My first Path to Victory book Herald of Oblivion is out this summer with hopefully another title to follow this autumn. If you fancy joining writers like myself, Christian Dunn and Josh Reynolds on the list, then you need to read BL's submission guidelines very carefully, and you could do a lot worse than to read through my own series of four blog posts all about how I go about writing a gamebook.

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Paul L. Mathews said...

Superb! I always look forward to embarrassing myself in the eyes of the august editors at BL. :0)