Wednesday 7 March 2012

State of Play

So it's just over two months since I posted this, and I thought it timely to update you on my progress in certain quarters.

Back at the start of the year I challenged myself to complete 12 projects during 2012. The trouble is, by the end of February I had already completed six. Some of them are only short, but they're all paying gigs. By the end of next week I should have finished another two on top of that.

For those of you who are wondering those six projects are three short stories, the second chunk of Time's Arrow (entitled Black Swan), a magazine feature and a children's book. (It doesn't include the final tweaks I've had to make to Herald of Oblivion either.)

And having had a manic couple of months, the workload for March and beyond is starting to stack up too. I've got the top secret project I'm working on at the moment, two short stories and another new project to get cracking on, that's been on the cards for a while, not to mention preparing pitches for future work.

So what am I doing writing this blog post? Best be off.

Mr Nose meet Mr Grindstone...

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