Sunday 11 March 2012

Lavie Tidhar talks Steampunk on SFSignal

Episode 111 of the SF Signal podcast is now available to listen to here.

Lavie Tidhar, author of The Bookman Histories (and regular drinking partner of mine these days), is the guest and he waxes lyrical about steampunk - amongst other things - and I get a mention. Unfortunately during the interview Lavie couldn't remember the name of my Pax Britannia series (which is the second longest-running steampunk series out there, or so my editor tells me) but he does say I'm doing some cool stuff that's a lot of fun.

During the course of the podcast he also said that he wrote The Bookman when nobody was interested in steampunk - except that The Bookman (Lavie's first steampunk novel) was published around the same time as Dark Side (my sixth steampunk novel)!

By the way, whilst I was searching for pictures of Lavie Tidhar on Google Images this came up.

Who knew?

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