Saturday 31 March 2012

Mission: Games Workshop - Uxbridge, Plaza and Covent Garden

That's right... Three Games Workshop stores in one day.

Friday morning found myself and JG Junior out and about looking for petrol and instead finding the Uxbridge GW store. (Can't think how that happened!)

We were met there by Sam who was very welcoming and offered to give JG Junior his first miniatures painting lesson. Unfortunately we couldn't spare that much time, but JG Junior is now very keen to start collecting Space Marines himself and try out the new Citadel paint range on them. (Perhaps when he's a little older.)

Then yesterday evening, on my way to Sarah Pinborough's birthday celebrations in central London, I popped into the Plaza store - where it looked like a new Imperial Fists army was under construction - and bizarrely bumping into G R Yeates on the way in (having been featured on his website the same day), and then stopped by the Covent Garden store where staffers Mat and James waxed lyrical about Golden Demon duels and dioramas.

And who could've guessed how timely and prophetic our conversation about Deathclaw would be...?

The Emperor Karl Franz astride his Imperial Griffon Deathclaw

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